Sexual Intimacy: Female Prisoners Beg Govt, We Have Love Feelings Too, Please Help Us

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Kenya (Precise Post) – Some male prison guards have been accused of raping female prisoners weeks ago.

This act have been going on for a while, which made some female inmates of mtangani Gk prison, kilifi county of kenya plead with the government to help them enjoy sexual inmacy with their visiting spouses .

Some inmates of Mtangani GK Prison in Malindi, Kilifi County of Kenya have pleaded with the Kenya government to institute new laws that will give them time to enjoy sexual intimacy with their visiting spouses.

Speaking on behalf of other inmates, Sofia Swaleh who is serving a life sentence said the time given to their visiting spouses and relatives is short and does not provide time for them to enjoy sexual intimacy.

She said;

“The Government, through the leadership of Kenyan prisons, should introduce a law that allows women serving lengthy jail terms enjoy sexual intimacy with their visiting husbands.”


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