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Holy Spirit assisted me deal with cyberbullying— Ifu Ennada

by Lovina

A former Big Brother Naija contestant and actress, Iheme Uloma, aka Ifu Ennada, has said that her Christian faith helps her to deal with trolls on social media.

Speaking in an interview with Saturday Beats, she said, “I simply focus on God. I have a personal relationship with Him that sees me meditate on His Word and speak to Him at different times of the day. The Holy Spirit also helps me. I believe my past is a testament that anyone can be used by God. After all, Jesus Christ came to save sinners; not those who were perfect.

“Sometimes, reading mocking comments make me feel sad and angry, but the Holy Spirit keeps me focused. I am not bothered by what the mockers say. In fact, I believe it is an indication that I’m on the right track.

Ennada also maintained that she would continue being vocal about her faith. She said, “My business is unaffected (by my religious beliefs). I have actually recorded tremendous growth and success in recent times.

“When I publicly speak about God online or offline, it is because I am led by God to do so. People can think and say whatever they want. I believe it’s like a badge of honour in some way, and God will reward me for publicly proclaiming His name. God is all that matters to me. I am not here to please anyone but Him.”

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