See 10 Programs In Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal You May Not Have Heard About – White House

By Our Reporter

Washington – See these 10 underlisted programs in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal that you may not have heard about as released by white House namely:

  1. Weatherization — The deal will invest a historic $3.5B in the Weatherization Assistance Program, reducing energy costs for more than 700K low-income households.
  2. Wildfires — The infrastructure deal invests $8B in wildfire risk reduction by providing funding for community wildfire defense grants, mechanical thinning, controlled burns, the Collaborative Forest Restoration Program, and firefighting resources.
  1. Flood Mitigation — The infrastructure deal includes $12B to boost coastal resilience, fund FEMA flood mitigation grants, and better mapping.
  2. Brownfields and superfunds — The deal invests $5B to clean up legacy pollution that disproportionately impacts communities of color.
  1. Natural gas wells and coal mines — The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal invests $16B to cap wells and mines affecting urban and rural communities.
  2. Pipeline safety — The deal includes $1B to modernize natural gas pipelines to reduce injuries, fatalities, and economic losses.
  3. Safe streets — The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal includes $5B for a first-of-its-kind “Safe Streets for All” program to fund state and local “vision zero” plans and other improvements to reduce crashes and fatalities, especially for the most vulnerable roadways users.
  1. Battery manufacturing — The infrastructure deal will invest $6B for advanced battery processing, manufacturing, and recycling to strengthen supply chains.
  2. Transit station ADA program — The deal includes $2B to help remove barriers to service and expand mobility options.
  3. Cybersecurity — The infrastructure deal includes almost $2B to modernize and secure federal, state, and local IT and networks; protect key infrastructure and utilities; and invest in cyber training for Americans to fill skilled cyber jobs in the public and private sectors.
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