Oyedepo: My wife And I Once Forgot My Birthday

Bishop Oyedepo of Living Faith Church Worldwide has revealed that he and his wife, Faith Oyedepo, once forgot about his birthday.

He said he was only able to remember on the D-day while trying to jot something down on his diary.

This is as he revealed that those often lament that he forgets about their birthday hardly know that he also forgets about his own birthday.

Oyedepo said this while delivering a sermon titled ‘Understanding The Fundamentals Of Success – The Force Of Deligence.’

He was quoted by Church Gist, “Only hard workers emerge as high-flyers in the race of life. There is a young man by the name Isaac Newton, he was so busy in his laboratory at home that the wife set the food and called him. “I will be there in a moment”. He got so busy, he forgot. He came in to eat and saw that they have cleared the food to keep it warm, He said “oh! I forgot I have eaten”.

“People are so lazy today that food is uppermost. They sit down around food today as if it is their enthronement.

I remember one of my birthdays like that, I was already crossing Makurdi and writing a note in my diary when I realized that day was my birthday. So I called my wife that she didn’t remind me that today was my birthday and she also forgot.

“People have told me their birthday more than twenty times, but I can’t know all of that. My brain is limited to remember all. You say ‘How can you forget my birthday’ I say I forgot my own so what is your problem? Love your neighbour as yourself, if I can forget my own. I can forget your own.

“For lack of time, I can only do birthdays once in ten years. Any other one you are doing is your own. Since you are going to be alive ’t be in a hurry, when I am 70 come but ’t come again till when I am 80.

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