52 People Arrested by DC Police Amid Capitol Violence – Chief Says

By Ogechi Okorie

Abuja (Precise Post) – No fewer than 52 persons were arrested by the Metropolitan police as a result of the violence at the US Capitol today,  Robert Contee said at a news conference.

Twenty-six of the 52 arrests were made on US Capitol grounds, Contee said.

Here’s a breakdown of the arrests, according to the :

  • 47 arrests were elated to curfew violations and entry
  • Four people were arrested for carrying pistols without licenses
  • One person was arrested for possession of prohibited weapon

Authorities also recovered a pipe bomb from the Democratic National Committee and another pipe bomb from the Republican National Committee. A cooler from a along with a long gun that also included Molotov cocktails on the grounds of the Capitol were also recovered. (CNN).

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